The last model


I dreamt my daughter and I were on a large estate lawn that was atop a luxury yacht.  At the bow of the yacht, a high-end silver sports car was fastened by a chain. Attached to it by chain, dangling just above the water, was an antique black car.  We wandered from the lawn, to the sports car and climbed into the antique.  Then it started to slip towards the water and we had to rip our way out of heavy clear plastic that now enclosed us entirely.


I dreamt I was flying in a small plane over a globe.  When I looked down, I could literally see a school-style globe with the shape of the countries in different colors and could fly around the whole thing in very little time.  I parachuted down to a friend in India, then parachuted down to Egypt which I just wanted to see, and finally ended in Australia to see another friend, though she wasn’t there, so I went hiking with her husband.


Rabbit lantern

A Chinese lantern – white rice paper and a metal frame, encasing many brilliant bulbs, in the shape of an intricately detailed rabbit, with long, pointed shapes, like the rays of the sun, protruding from all sides.

(This lantern just appeared suspended against darkness for a long time, though I am not sure how time is measured in dreams.) Continue reading


I dreamt that I was in a Turkish tee-pee helping volunteers sort donations into boxes labeled for different age groups.  I hadn’t put a single thing into a box yet, because my first item was a bouquet of lollipops and I was hesitant to go with the obvious “children” box as adults and elderly can enjoy them, as well.