Revolving door


I dreamt that I was in a dangerous animal pen, like in Jurassic Park for the velociraptors.   Four of us were holding the four corners of a large leather sling.  A big writhing animal was being lowered from above pen and we were tasked with catching it and wrapping it in the leather.   When partially enveloped in the sling, the animal writhed loose and someone yelled, “Run!”   However, we had to keep hold of our own piece of the leather sling while trying to exit through the one of four revolving doors in each of our corners.



I dreamt stuffed animals (‘stuffies’) were mating and having lots and lots of tiny stuffs that started to pile up all over, filling up the whole earth with fuzzy animals.  I was looking down on the earth from space and could see just a ball of stuffies growing and growing.

[This gave me a panicky nightmare feel.]

Red Sox caps

baby red sox cap

I  dreamt that everyone in Boston was required, effectively immediately, to always wear a Red Sox baseball cap.  I put on mine.  People who put on Red Sox shirts or other items were being arrested by police in proper caps.  Women on Beacon Hill in fancy clothes were donning the caps with dismay and disgust.   Mobs of moms were running past me trying to get home their strollers of babies not properly adorned.