Mushroom clouds

I was walking around a city looking at another city scape in the distance.  Mushroom clouds started appearing on that skyline and were coming closer and closer to my location.  I crouched down closing my eyes and suddenly I could feel grass under me and I could feel myself rolling and rolling.   There was the feeling of a tornado storm surrounding me.

Then the grass I could feel beneath me change to the feel of rock and water.  I couldn’t get any oxygen and I had to open my eyes to breath.  I saw lots of people down in the valley on the rocks.  There was no storm.  Many of them were on their cell phone trying to contact family back in the city to see if they were ok after the nuclear bombs, but there was no cell service.

I wandered down into the valley and came across my sister-in-law, mother-in law, father-in-law, and nieces-in-law.


Blue things

[This is what my daughter said in her sleep last night.  Adding this here as this blog is a place to record dreams I want to remember; this I want to remember.  Whenever she talks in her sleep, she sits up straight in bed, eyes open, and then goes right back down after.  She never remembers it.]

“You know those blue things inside your body?  They don’t stay in one place.  They go all over and then they pull you down.  Crap.”





I dreamt that I looked out the window at my backyard and it was full of trash and recycling about 3 feet deep.

[It felt so real that I had to look out the window in the morning.]



I dreamt I was flying in a small plane over a globe.  When I looked down, I could literally see a school-style globe with the shape of the countries in different colors and could fly around the whole thing in very little time.  I parachuted down to a friend in India, then parachuted down to Egypt which I just wanted to see, and finally ended in Australia to see another friend, though she wasn’t there, so I went hiking with her husband.