Marine lettuce

I dreamt I was in a submarine with others, each with our own specialty – mine, neuroscience. We had our own long rows of lettuce and had to integrate our lettuce DNA to prove we could coordinate specialties.

Giraffes in trees

A baby giraffe was in a tree looking down headfirst with its leash wrapped around a branch. I coaxed it down and led it across the dirt road, stopping cars for it. It was a foreign type of giraffe, skinny with a neck like a snake; she crossed the road, slithering like a snake with her legs flat out to the side. There was space in a pen of pigs across the street with leaves to eat where I squeezed her in. An organization was getting animals out of trees and ready to be released into the wild, which was further up the dirt road.


I dreamt I was entering a pro-basketball game from the locker room following all of the players out onto the court. I popped a bottle of champagne as all of the fans started to cheer. It spilled all over the court and LeBron James was furious.


I dreamt that Harry Styles had hundreds of piercings all over his chest and stomach; some of the earring pairs were still attached to their white backing card. He also had a puppet stage mounted around his upper body to sell his merchandise while he walked around.


I was dreaming and saying something in my dream that I actually said outloud and woke myself up and able to realize what woke me. In one dream I said, “My daughter just graduated from college.” In the other, I said, “It will be okay.” And in a third, “Hello, Richard.”

These all occurred within two weeks and I have never done this before.