Rabbit lantern

A Chinese lantern – white rice paper and a metal frame, encasing many brilliant bulbs, in the shape of an intricately detailed rabbit, with long, pointed shapes, like the rays of the sun, protruding from all sides.

(This lantern just appeared suspended against darkness for a long time, though I am not sure how time is measured in dreams.) Continue reading


I dreamt that I was walking down a mall-like hallway looking through a series of glass walls.  Behind each one were several pedestals of differing sizes each with a spherical or oblong glass globe.   These globes were all beautiful, like enormous marbles: some with abstract swirling patterns, some with images of the night sky or sunny floating fluffy clouds.   The globes were glowing, mesmerizing and I walked gazing at them all down the long hallway.  The backdrop behind the rooms of globes of globes was open to a night sky with stars at varying depths and the feel of the black expanse of the universe. This dream was beautiful.