Dog door

I dreamt that lots of animals – dogs, cats, squirrels, skunks, rabbits, etc. – including my own dog, were entering my house through our dog door.  A friend of mine also entered on all fours through the dog door in the midst the stream of animals.  He and I then joined others in my kitchen and he started delivering a political campaign speech to everyone.


I dreamt that the wall in my living room started melting down from the top, like marshmallow topping oozing slowly to the floor.  The very top edge of the flow was pixelated white squares until it blended into the smooth, thick topping.



I dreamt I tried to make a cup of coffee with my Keurig, but I couldn’t get it right, failing maybe 100 times, for example, I used apple juice or cocoa instead of water; the mug and the whole base of the machine went missing; and I added rice or frozen corn instead of coffee; and I added orange juice or ice tea instead of half n’ half.  I never got it right.


I dreamt I was following a young Indian woman wearing a red Indian sari through her day, following her so closely behind that we were moving as one, almost touching, but not.