I dreamt that I was saving a two-inch man from falling, literally, into job loss by grabbing him with my index finger by the elastic waistband of his underwear.  I was barely keeping him from slipping, so he was bounced frantically up and down.


Tiny Tim

I dreamt that, in order to keep a man, who looked like Tiny Tim but was called Manfred and loomed large over me as if on a movie screen, alive, I had to keep a match lit.  I was allowed to keep re-striking the same match, but it would just go out again and again.


Freddy mask

I dreamt that I became aware of a person standing right behind me.  When I turned my head there was the most horrifying and grotesque face staring back at me, a Freddy Krueger-ish image on one of those cheap clear plastic face masks held on by an elastic around the back.   He said, “Don’t you recognize me?”  I stared and stared, and slowly a familiar face emerged while the mask stayed in place.

Rabbit lantern

A Chinese lantern – white rice paper and a metal frame, encasing many brilliant bulbs, in the shape of an intricately detailed rabbit, with long, pointed shapes, like the rays of the sun, protruding from all sides.

(This lantern just appeared suspended against darkness for a long time, though I am not sure how time is measured in dreams.) Continue reading