Rabbit lantern

A Chinese lantern – white rice paper and a metal frame, encasing many brilliant bulbs, in the shape of an intricately detailed rabbit, with long, pointed shapes, like the rays of the sun, protruding from all sides.

(This lantern just appeared suspended against darkness for a long time, though I am not sure how time is measured in dreams.)

(Then, in black and white, slightly grainy like an old movie …)

I was in China walking some of the long indoor markets of assorted jewelry, clothes, souvenirs, and food.  I stopped at  one cart and purchased a Chinese lantern shaped like a rabbit and a small, ancient jade box.  The merchants wrapped he jade box up for shipping and packaged the delicate lantern expertly for hand carry.

I walked in a bitter snow storm to a train station and sat on a bench next to two older women trying to decide if they should go to the market.  I encouraged them to do so, and told them about the rabbit lantern, the expert packaging, and the best stand to eat at.


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