Mushroom clouds

I was walking around a city looking at another city scape in the distance.  Mushroom clouds started appearing on that skyline and were coming closer and closer to my location.  I crouched down closing my eyes and suddenly I could feel grass under me and I could feel myself rolling and rolling.   There was the feeling of a tornado storm surrounding me.

Then the grass I could feel beneath me change to the feel of rock and water.  I couldn’t get any oxygen and I had to open my eyes to breath.  I saw lots of people down in the valley on the rocks.  There was no storm.  Many of them were on their cell phone trying to contact family back in the city to see if they were ok after the nuclear bombs, but there was no cell service.

I wandered down into the valley and came across my sister-in-law, mother-in law, father-in-law, and nieces-in-law.



I dreamt that I was saving a two-inch man from falling, literally, into job loss by grabbing him with my index finger by the elastic waistband of his underwear.  I was barely keeping him from slipping, so he was bounced frantically up and down.



I dreamt that the wall in my living room started melting down from the top, like marshmallow topping oozing slowly to the floor.  The very top edge of the flow was pixelated white squares until it blended into the smooth, thick topping.


Little box

I dreamt I was seated in an empty room with no ceiling.   My hands were cupped in my lap holding a very small gold box.  The sky over head was blue with white clouds.  Birds of different variety swirled overhead, with maliciously, intent on getting the box I held.  I did not know what was in the box.