Home fries


I dreamt I was sitting alone having breakfast in a diner and a Chinese man was doing the same at the table next to mine.  He ordered 4 eggs, scrambled, bacon, wheat toast, and no home fries in rather broken English.  The waitress came back and scooped about two eggs worth of scrambled eggs right onto the table in front of the man and left. Continue reading

Liquid center

I dreamt that I threw a Greenie treat to my dog and it started to expand between his paws to the size of a breadbox.  When he bit into it, it had a green liquid center.  I gave him a white rawhide stick and that also started to expand, to the size of a compact car.  He gnawed on it, and it had a white liquid center.  He jumped up onto our couch, and the couch inflated to the size of a bus.  His claws popped it and so much matching grey liquid center spilled out that my dog was floated right out of the front door.  My dog was pleased throughout the dream.