Home fries


I dreamt I was sitting alone having breakfast in a diner and a Chinese man was doing the same at the table next to mine.  He ordered 4 eggs, scrambled, bacon, wheat toast, and no home fries in rather broken English.  The waitress came back and scooped about two eggs worth of scrambled eggs right onto the table in front of the man and left. He was visibly distressed when she came back and pointed to a picture on the wall of a plate of the basic breakfast and repeated his order.  The waitress scraped the scrambled eggs from his table and next delivered him a plate of just bacon.  He was exasperated.  I stepped in and explained to the waitress what he wanted, repeating it a third time.  This time the plate came back with everything correct, except it had lots of home fries.  The Chinese man started to hyperventilate.

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