The last model


I dreamt my daughter and I were on a large estate lawn that was atop a luxury yacht.  At the bow of the yacht, a high-end silver sports car was fastened by a chain. Attached to it by chain, dangling just above the water, was an antique black car.  We wandered from the lawn, to the sports car and climbed into the antique.  Then it started to slip towards the water and we had to rip our way out of heavy clear plastic that now enclosed us entirely.

Red Sox caps

baby red sox cap

I  dreamt that everyone in Boston was required, effectively immediately, to always wear a Red Sox baseball cap.  I put on mine.  People who put on Red Sox shirts or other items were being arrested by police in proper caps.  Women on Beacon Hill in fancy clothes were donning the caps with dismay and disgust.   Mobs of moms were running past me trying to get home their strollers of babies not properly adorned.