Coveted curb cut

I have an existing curb cut, an opening in the sidewalk from the street to allow for driveway access to my property, but I have no driveway utilizing it.   There used to be a driveway and a garage.   Now a chainlink fence runs across any future driveway placement.  But it is my curb cut to my house.

I dreamt that I learned that it was a City of Boston rule that if you did not use your curb cut
within six months of home purchase you lose the right to use it ever.  In the dream, I googled City of Boston curb cuts.  I read the regulations, multiple detailed pages of them, with citations, footnotes, links, contact numbers, and all.   Detailed.   It said that, indeed, that rule was correct.  Since I have lived in my home for about 10 years longer than six months, I had lost my right to use my curb cut.

When I awoke, I immediately googled City of Boston curb cut and, thankfully, my dream regulations were wrong.  The real rules were stated in two small paragraphs.  I have not lost my right to use my coveted curb cut.


(Image of deeded residential curb cut not in use.  This is not my home; this one is nicer, no chainlink.)

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