“OK to go!”

I dreamt that I was inside a ball a with enough space to move my arms and legs but I had to stay in a seated position.  If I pushed on the walls the ball would role and there was a window that I could see out of if it was in the right position.  If I got the ball rolling, no pun intended, it would turn into a zero gravity, beautiful, smooth silver sphere that I was
floating in, much like Jodie Foster in the movie Contact.

I was rolling around the paths of Vassar College.  Then I started to feel claustrophobic and wanted to get out, but I couldn’t find a hatch.  I started panicking and banging on all of the parts of the sphere.  Finally, a door opened and I got out.  On the walkway were a friend and her son.  They were surprised about the sphere and wanted to know where I got it.  I said they could get one at the Museum of Science.


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